1er Regt


Again 15mm AB Figures;






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Pictures by Joe



Possies and Outlaws

Things are too quiet in town………..
Rumours that out-of-town Outlaws are heading their way….

……..prompts the Marshall to get a small possie together but it’s taking some time.
The Marshall passes the word to the good ol’ boys and slowly townsfolk get together and take up positions to defend their shacks
Meanwhile, on the edge of town,[/b] unruly gang ruffians have arrived and start shooting:
Their Outlaw leaders quieten them down and have to take stock as the town begins to wake up. How are they going to reach their target now? 

A brief glance around the corner[/b]: too late to back down now; the gang boss reckons the Marshall’s outnumbered……..

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WATERLOO 2oo8: The Photos by Joe

Stunning photos by Joe

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French and Indian War

 – take a look at this:

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WS goes north: Peeler and Hairy Dave’s brave trip into the heart of Scotland in search of wargame stimulation:

Encountering some wargame terrain on the way!

Toys and terrain by Piers, Ruardhi and Brian…

12 x 6 Table by Cyril! Even a Frenchman has his uses!

Piers and Cyril – Germans

Brian and Ruardhi – British
German Forces

Two German Infantry Regiments with StuG IIIs and two Panther companies in support, plus Nebelwerfers.

British Forces

Two Infantry Brigades with two Armoured Regiments, Recce companies, Anti-Tank Companies, two full Artillery Regiments and a Typhoon Squadron in support!


Best of the Best of Wargames Society



Colbert’s 15mm AB French





These pictures are the result of two member’s trawl around Britian for good figures and terrain. These are by Dale Rawson, a Derby-based wargamer and good friend of Pete Morbey of Elite Miniatures. ”Dale was like all those we met, very hospitable and generous”. Here are some shots of his WWII collection and scratch built terrain boards for your delectation. (Photos by Grumpy)



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